Most marketing and design activities fail because they are hype. They are not real efforts to create understanding and value.


Helsinki Promo is a concept design agency helping businesses resonate better with their target group. In practice we design new kinds of ways to improve and sell your services. 



We combine a strong understanding about modern business environments with the best practices in digital marketing, innovation and design. 



The company was born in collaboration between young diginatives from Aalto and Helsinki University. We share a vision of a digital future, without being fanatic about it. 



// Web

We design websites with a message. Our unique concepting is behind sites that do more than prag with cutting edge graphics: they inspire people to act.


// Digital campaigns

A campaign is your outreach to the world. "You're how doing" -message. We design campaigns based authenticity, clarity and some kick-ass analytics.


// Search engines

What kind of google-searches are you're potential customers using? Could you be on top with ads or organic results? We help companies be found in the digital world.

// Innovation 

Innovation is about finding radically new ways of accomplishing the old. We help companies find new niches, new opportunities and create new services to better actualize their core mission.